welcome to marketing nut! a cracking nutrition and marketing consultancy.
If you share a passion for improving people's health, wellbeing and quality of life, but are a bit short of time or relevant expertise to make it happen, give us a call today!
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maximise your brand’s potential.
With our marketing consultancy services, you'll receive expert guidance on marketing strategy and implementation, new product development, brand positioning, and much much more...
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generate compelling, expert content.
With our nutrition consultancy services, you'll get expert dietetic guidance for all of your brand and communication needs, including evidence-based health writing, digital content generation, and more...
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With a unique mix of nutrition, healthcare and marketing expertise, marketing nut can help you crack some of those tough nuts, turn your ideas into reality, maximise your potential, and deliver success


consultancy services

Have you got a great product or service innovation, but need a little help bringing it to life? Or perhaps you have a great offering already, but want to maximise its potential? If so, we’d love to help… 


consultancy services

Have you got a fantastic communications campaign in need of some nutrition expertise? Or do you need help translating complex scientific evidence into clear and compelling content for your target audience? If so, look no further…

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